Interco provides a broad range of delivery-focussed management services, supplemented by specialised consultancy services.

As well as being adaptable to specific Client requirements, Interco has the understanding and experience of a wide range of service delivery methods. Consequently, we can tailor our services to the unique characteristics of our Clients' projects and recommend a process that best suits their commercial interests.

The following services are offerred by Interco.


Interco's start-to-finish Turnkey service covers project concept, brief development, design management, planning, programming, cost planning and control, procurement, hands-on supervision and delivery.

The construction process may involve project delivery at cost to an agreed budget or within a guaranteed maximum price, or lump sum delivery, whereby trade prices are compiled into a fixed price on an 'open book' basis.

Construction Management

Construction Management permits the opportunity to minimise project duration, whilst providing effective cost control by way of an 'open book' approach to project costs.

Interco recommends construction management when the project timeframe is compressed, or when there are significant risk factors associated with existing site conditions or complex operating environments. Such circumstances may make it harder for the design team to achieve the production of adequate design documentation in a timely manner and may expose the Client to an additional cost or programme risk if a conventional lump sum delivery process were to be adopted.

Head Contractor (Lump Sum) Delivery

This delivery process is highly suited to projects which can be fully documented, and where changes and external factors that may impact upon the construction contract are expected to be minimal. Under these circumstances, Head Contractor (Lump Sum) delivery arrangements provide a high degree of financial certainty prior to committing to construction.

Facility Management

Facility management provides a post-occupancy solution for managing a client's ongoing corporate real estate requirements. Our services range from assisting an organisation making changes within single or multiple premises to providing a 24 x 7 engineering maintenance solution for mission critical systems.

Technical Evaluation and Cost Modelling Consultancy

Locating premises to fulfil commercial and functional requirements can be a complex and time-consuming process.

Optimising the balance between function and image within the context of rental costs and other outgoings requires detailed analysis of the technical characteristics of a building and the space available.

Similarly, determining the level of investment necessary to increase returns from an under-performing building requires knowledge of market yields for a range of property types, as well as a knowledge and feel for the costs associated with a range of investment options.

Interco can provide a technical evaluation of buildings for prospective tenants, as well as cost modelling of options for building owners wishing to determine 'highest and best use' for their proposed refurbishment or conversion.