Service Benefits

Accenture (Andersen Consulting)
Interco strength: A single point of contact throughout the entire project to ensure the smooth flow of communication to our clients, and efficient management of consultants and trade contractors.

Client comment: "Interco was awarded the contract due to their ability to demonstrate that they would provide a positive, fresh approach to our project, provide solutions, take full responsibility for delivery of the construction phase and their submitted construction programme which indicated minimal disruption to Andersen Consulting and delivery of key facilities in the timeframe that we required." Robert Hohnen, Practice Management Assoc. Partner, Andersen Consulting.

Interco strength: The ability to undertake fitout and refurbishment works whilst clients remain in occupation, ensuring minimum disruption to normal business operations.

Client comment: "Interco exceeded our expectations and delivered a first class facility in minimal time and with minimal disruption to our personnel." Cathy Sullivan, Practice Management Specialist.

Baker & McKenzie
Interco strength: A personalised and flexible approach to coordinating consultants and subcontractors, taking full account of the way in which clients prefer to participate at various stages in the construction process.

Client comment: "Their ability to source, engage and co-ordinate cost effective and efficient subcontractors and suppliers has always been an essential element in our continued use of their (Interco's) services." Barry J Benton, Administration Manager.

Bankers Trust Australia Limited
Interco strength: Flexibility to undertake a range of specially tailored design solutions for clients that require integrated technology, and continuity of business operations during relocation.

Client comment: "You successfully completed the largest and most complex fitout and relocation in the Sydney CBD, including more than 20,000 square metres of new office space, a production data centre, a 300 position dealing room and over 600 kilometres of cabling, on time and on budget."
Robert A Ferguson, Managing Director.

Citibank Limited
Interco Strength: The guaranteed commitment and involvement of a Principal or Project Director to ensure the project is completed on time and on budget.

Client comment: "The competence, versatility and professionalism which you have displayed has been more than appreciated. Your hands-on approach and understanding of individual's needs has been more than adept." Martin Clark, General Manager.

Property Services Group
Interco strength: A superior level of service delivery and professionalism to ensure that clients are kept informed throughout the project and are completely satisfied with the finished product.

Client comment: "Interco, through a total 'hands-on' approach, provided this service exceptionally well. The project ran smoothly from start to finish and was brought in well below our original budget expectations."
Bob Hird, Development Manager, Project Services Division.

The Chase Manhattan Bank
Interco strength: Guarantees in respect of minimising total cost, ensuring delivery on time, and providing cost efficient refurbishment and re-use of existing plant and office items, wherever deemed suitable by our clients.

Client comment: "Interco were required to demonstrate remarkable flexibility and to continue to be reactive to the client requirements... On all occasions the Bank believed that Interco had achieved optimum value for money and that the Bank's interests were properly protected." Rick Bayley, Manager, Administration.

University of Technology, Sydney (UTS)
Interco strength: Pro-active and highly organised project teams, focused on identifying both opportunities and potential problem areas, to ensure client confidence in decision-making and minimisation of client risk.

Client comment: "It has been pleasing to see the spirit of co-operation that has developed on site. Throughout the project Interco fostered the teamwork approach to solving problems in the design and construction process." Denis Ward, Manager, Major Projects.